Weighed Down Like An Anchor

Weighed Down Like An Anchor

Are there days when you feel that you are bobbing around life, like a boat on the ocean?

Some days, life is really calm where not a single breeze is to be found and the ocean is as clear as crystal. Other days feel like gale force winds and huge waves are crashing against you. Situations get thrown at you every day and if you allow them to, they weigh you down, and you tend to wallow in self-pity about the situation. When this happens, I run through a mantra ‘this is happening around me, not to me’.

I feel like I am the boat, the situations are like anchors.

So I ask the question: Am I going to allow these anchors to stick in my boat and weigh me down so that I spiral into the situation and start to get stressed or depressed?

Why not think of the situations like feathers instead — let them float past you and drift away. You can choose the emotions that you allow into your mind. Are they going to act like anchors weighing you down or feathers that fly away?

Love Mikayla

Originally published at www.mikayla-holmes.com

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