4 Things Our Volunteers Must Stop Doing Right Now

In a church who’s engine is an army of volunteers it is easy to become entangled in the lies the enemy tries to whisper to you as you serve. Because volunteer culture is critical to the success of the church the enemy wants you to change your mindset to reflect the following behaviors. You guys are the best! Seriously, stop doing these things right now!!

1. Believing the lie that what you do is not ministry.

Every A-frame on the sidewalk, every push of a button, and every strum of the guitar is more than mundane rituals, it’s ministry. The mundane becomes ministry when we stop believing the lie that nothing would be different if we were not serving.

2. Thinking that your contribution is insignificant.

The significance of every servant is seen every Sunday. Every cup of coffee brewed early in the morning, and every perfectly straight row of chairs is changing the atmosphere by eliminating the potential distractions. The less distractions that are present the more the gospel can be on display.

3. Viewing the pastor as the only agent of spiritual change.

Despite what I like to think of my preaching, the lives being changed are not only because of the sermon. The pastor is not the only agent of spiritual change, and he should be just one of many agents contributing the gospel proclamation.

4. Eliminating the idea that your work is not worship.

Your interaction with people is a direct connection to your interaction with God. What you do is not just work, it is also worship. It is not just practical, it is highly spiritual. Do not limit what God can do through you by labeling it only as work, it should always be considered worship. When your work gets filtered through the lens of worship, it becomes less of a burden and more of a blessing.

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