I bought another domain name…

I can remember dialing the number of a local seminary and asking if I could just sit in on some of the classes they were offering without asking a single question, without making a single sound. I just wanted to audit some ministry classes to stay fresh. I will never forget the response the receptionist told me, she said this is only for people who take ministry seriously and have the resources to cover our expenses. I hung up the phone quite discouraged. I wanted to learn, I wanted to grow, but I didn’t have the $900 per class that their tuition fees where demanding. Thats when I begin to dream of a practical ministry training environment that wouldn’t cost anything close to a seminary but it could provide some training and stretch people who might be interested in pursuing ministry. The Saturday School of Ministry was born out of the desire to see volunteers move into becoming leaders. Its objective is to pull back the curtain of your calling.

So I bought the domain name www.SaturdaySchoolOfMinistry.com

I would love for you to apply.

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