The Power of an Invitation

Sierra had been attending Focus for a few months. She fell in love with the worship, the word, and the welcoming atmosphere. Sierra began to invite her friends to join her at church one Sunday. Victoria, a friend of Sierra’s, decided to take her up on that invitation and come to Focus Church, but Victoria wasn’t going to come alone. Victoria extended that invitation to a few of her friends, and the whole group came to Focus on Sunday, November 4th. Ashley was part of that group.

Through the powerful worship, and the word that was shared about moving beyond your past and taking advantage of your second chance at life, Ashley felt compelled to be baptized. In her Sunday best dress, she took the plunge into the tank and went public with her faith. Because Sierra invited Victoria, Ashley ended up in the baptismal.

The power of an invitation goes beyond what you may even see possible. Our city will be reached not because of our social media presence, our worship, or even the preaching. Our city will be reached because you invite the one.