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If you have a poor image of me, how would I change that?

Should I call you up on the phone and tell you how great I am?

Or, is it more useful to have somebody who knows me, someone who’s worked with me and spent time with me, call you up, and say, “You have Mike Barber all wrong. He’s a great guy.”

I’ve been a creative director for over a decade, and a writer and storyteller for much longer. …

Super Bowl commercials looked different in 2017. How about 2018?

Something amazing happened during last year’s Super Bowl, and I’m not talking about the Patriots comeback.

Super Bowl commercials got serious.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what that means about us as Americans. I’ve also wondered if it will continue this year. Do we want it to continue?

Before I became a Creative Director and made commercials for a living, I taught high school history for a very short time. …

An un-actionable conversation between a man and a woman in the future

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Image by Chester Wade

Due to the avalanche of sexual harassment stories and litigation that surfaced from 2017 through 2025, interactions between all humans changed.

Social and occupational traditions are now changed for the better. New laws have been enacted, and businesses instituted voluntary measures to protect employees, management, and customers from each other.

At the same time, popular and social media’s publicizing of accusations caused panic throughout the general population. Men and women became petrified that they too could be accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Sensitivity and caution became pillars to guide behavior.

Interaction between men and women (out of marriage) was forever altered.


Mike Barber

I’m an award-winning marketing creative specializing in customer testimonials. I find and tell your customers’ most compelling stories. /

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