You’re not correct on Bannon’s and Stephens’ foreign policy preferences.
Henry Jekyll

Bannon and Kushner/Miller/Richards are two sides of the same coin. There is no way a bunch of overly educated effete NYT subscribers are going to get fired up and join the army airborne to kick in doors during occupation of one Middle East country after another from reading Richard’s opinion piece. Bannon brings in the lathered up spear tips from Breitbart and beyond, i.e. the Hinterlands. It’s not like the Mercers et al just realized their investment in Bannon’s run Breitbart could lead to racism beyond brown and black people, the alt right, and a Trump victory. Trump needs Bannon. Bannon probably needs a new liver. Bannon just puts everybody in his bag of hate. Richards can sell hate to NYT readers with better focus and come off learned and lettered.

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