I assure you, sugarbritches, I am no doormat.
Elizabeth Decker

If you’re really that white trash-ish, then why the hell would you be reading New York Times? And why would you give a shit that people cancel their subscriptions? For aspirational purposes? Sorry, shnookums, but you’re not good at sounding ballsy on Think Progress, a third way centrist DNC friendly blog. Your, “why can’t liberals be nicer to jagoffs?” is right out of the NYC OpEd playbook. It’s like you’re channeling Bruni here. He’s been wanting liberal arts schools’ arts and letters types to be nicer to conservative idiots both in his column and on Charlie Rose for a while now.

You sound like a Trump democrat who voted for Hillary, but glad to have a Manhattanite and his UES band of thugs surrounding him and writing for NYT . Like the Irish, NYT wasn’t a big fan of blacks back in the day. Martin Luther King was OK in NYT editorial as long as he knew his place. That is until King squatted in a Chicago apartment owned by a Lawndale slumlord, i.e bringing it north. Black Lives Matter movement, wealth disparity, environmentalism, asymmetric troubles in the Middle East, and other issues don’t sell luxury goods and Manhattan real estate.

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