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Instead of flailing around about science and scientist consensus on climate change, as if scientists are extraordinary citizens, just go to the horse’s mouth. That would be EPA’s mouthpiece, John Konkus.

He got a BA in Government and Politics from Maryland and worked for conservative folks in government all his career. That would be a fairly short career, assuming he’s in his mid 30s. By all measures and metrics, he’s your quintessential political hack and now agency flack. In a normal world, he’d be working at Chick Fil A as the assistant to the assistant manager at the one on Harlem and Cermak outside of Chicago. His main duty would be narcing on employees who nibble fries right out of the fryer. He’d have Sundays off, so there’s that as benefit.

I blame arts and letters graduates. You guys didn’t put in the work during college. Now we’re all stuck with policy from a bunch of underachieving overcompensated D-bags. Man, you got to police your own, you liberal arts majors. That’s one of Trump’s and friend’s philosophy tenets.

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