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M&A’s and IPOs are real good business for the folks with ownership in the business being merged or going public. This IPO is really good for all the folks doing the deal. This would be the House of Saud and bankers like Moelis & Co. chosen to lead the IPO. Billions will be made on the deal doings alone — and those dudes won’t have to go anywhere near a well pad or refinery. Legal teams representing all parties do very very well with oil and gas deals. Even spills like BP'S Gulf coast netted one law firm alone close to $500 million in billings. Big oil and gas M&A and IPOs are like Christmas times Hanukkah taken to the power of Easter as far as lucrative deals go. No one really cares within this deal whether or not there’s an oil and gas business five, ten or twenty years down the road. The only concern is closing the deal as quickly as possible and while there’s over 1.3 billion ICE and diesel vehicles on the road. Environmental non profits should call up those bankers and lawyers who were in on the Aramco deal and ask for a donation. They’ll feel better about themselves giving to a big green group and the environmental nonprofit will appreciate the money. I’m not sure if carbon emissions will drop and temperature rise slows, but hey, the gift is in the giving.

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