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The 97% of climate scientists meme isn’t working. We might soon see something like 97% of climate scientists are out of a job. I’d say that 100% of actually competent climate scientists are completely onboard with anthropogenic global warming. Climate scientists not on board may be paid a lot of money to take their client’s position. Or they’re just dumb and out of their league with the math and science necessary to study our climate system. This is true in many fields. Just look at the expert witness game. A good lawyer will get a scientist to say anything. And that scientist will have gone to an Ivy League school and have a CV ten pages long. No good expert witness is brought in from a directional college. Or put it this way, expert witnesses can bill out at $500/hr and more. That money can refocus a lot of smart people.

I recommend letting CPP go. Fight for raw data collection by climate scientists still working. Have lazy billionaires stop making grandiose breakthrough declarations on energy or pandemics or sending man to the moon and pick up the tab to keep climate science going forward. This would be the raw data collection work that’s essential for planning climate change adaptation. Like when and how high a seawall needs to get built. CPP was kind of pulled together as an olive branch between third way neoliberal democrats and natural gas suppliers as part of the “beyond coal” and that “bridge technology” thing hawked by Obama, NRDC and Aubrey McClendon (RIP) of Chesapeake Resources. CPP has doormat conciliatory centrism written all into it. And the republicans like Pruitt still didn’t like it.

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