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The domestic steel mandate may just be for Wilbur Ross’s atonement process for moving steel milling and engineered steel overseas in the 1980s and early 1990s. It wasn’t like LTV went around buying up American steel companies in the rust belt and driving mills and manufacturing into the ground before selling it off as parts for Asian steel to put back together.

My guess is API is more worried that other countries will counter tariff on steel, chiefly China. China does produce over 50 percent of the steel that goes into the global oil and gas business. So not only will a pipeline running down the middle of the US heartland cost more, but the pipeline running from the Golan Heights to the Mediterranean, too. And the tankers that will be shipping that standardized oil, too.

Depending on who’s doing the reservoir engineering, there’s either a bunch or a lot, like a Saudi Arabian lot, under there. Maybe it’s why Bret Stephens isn’t cool with liberals and scientists and folks who didn’t just take arts and letters for a liberal arts degree about climate change. His old paper J-Post isn’t worried about climate change.

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