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You can’t mention East Chicago, Indiana and not mention LTV Steel and Elizabeth Warren. I believe Ms. Warren was LTV’s bankruptcy attorney back in the 1990s. LTV later sold its East Chicago interest to private equity scion Wilbur Ross, who later flipped it to foreign interests. Much of the environmental liability was capped or put into trusts. Environmental trusts usually get drained quickly by our country's esteemed knowledge workers. This latter day environmental justice push might be as feckless as it was in the 1990s. The matter was addressed by moving manufacturing to Asia. East Chicago like Gary and Chicago’s east side attracted people of all colors for the jobs. Or moving poor folks out of neighborhoods so remediation can happen on a blank slate. Rejuvenated the area and selling it at a higher price. Complaining about industrial operations in NWI is kind of like complaining about airport noise after buying a house next to an airport.

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