The Silent War in Yemen

Whilst every day we hear about war and terror in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, millions of civilians in war-torn Yemen are in a humanitarian crisis, struggling to survive in a country that is deteriorating every day. The United Nations is now appealing to the international community to come to the aid of these suffering people.

Jamie McGoldrick (UN Coordinator for Yemen) has called it an invisible war waged in the shadows of the war being fought in nearby Syria. And this is very true, whilst we continue to watch the wars in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, we seemed to have dismissed the fact that 22million people from Yemen are in extreme danger being caught up in this invisible war.

Jamie states “The scale of the emergency is tremendous,” he said. “The scale of the needs is massive and the depths of the crisis is immeasurable and the suffering that goes with that is just incredulous. Every corner you turn; everyone you meet has been affected by this crisis. Everybody who you come across in any part of this country has felt this conflict, has felt this war.”

The troubles in Yemen have gone on for years, but it’s really only the intervention by Saudi Arabia in March of 2015 has increased the devastation to the civilian population . And although fighting in Yemen seems to have gone down since the UN mediated peace negotiations started recently, the conditions in Yemen continues to deteriorate and is particularly terrifying impact on the children of Yemen.

It has been reported that tens of thousands of children under the age of 5yrs old have died from diseases that could have been prevented if there was no war. 2.5million people have been reportedly internally displaced after fleeing from their homes.

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