A Few Observations on the LA Rams Move

Starting in 2016, the St. Louis Rams will be the LA Rams, and in “2019” they will get a new stadium.

  1. This will mark the third move for the Rams.
  2. California will now have 4 NFL teams, more than any other state.
  3. The Rams, an NFC West team, will no longer be east of the Cowboys, an NFC East team.
  4. Teams will no longer be able to threaten a move to LA if they don’t get a new stadium. Will St. Louis be the new place they threaten a move to?
  5. No public funds will be used to build the new stadium. St. Louis offered $400 million for a new stadium and were rejected. Will this undermine future threats by teams to move if they don’t get a new stadium?
  6. St. Louis is at 38.6°N. In the past ten years, only three teams south of there have appeared in the Super Bowl: the Arizona Cardinals in 2009, the New Orleans Saints in 2010, and the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. Of those three, only the Saints won. I doubt this will have any influence on the Rams making it (or not making it) to the Super Bowl, I just thought it was interesting.
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