The taste of knowing the source of our weakness
Rolls in my mouth ever since I remember
Through everything meant defeat and surrender
To hectic lives soaked in despair and duress

The first seal of damnation are the vain myths
Of love’s myriad little frivolous tricks
Like fog shrouding inner peace and clarity
To cast us into spikes with temerity

The second seal is one of bustle and strife
That endless list of chores filling existence
A ceaseless onslaught testing out resistance
While tumbling in this hamster wheel we call life

Living in the afterwards makes the third seal
In postponement from expectation and hope
Permanent wishing for an ideal deal
To ward off common faith and a way to cope

I know for a fact that other seals exist
But I only testify of what I know
Knowledge of the ones I broke is what I sow
Leaving to willing peers the ones that persist

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