Late on a warm Summer night

Just like in a bad movie cliché, we sneaked
Into the bayside hotel deserted swimming pool
Seeking to be alone as the surf breathed peacefully
Close by. You were never as beautiful and diffident
This wasn’t your first time. But it felt
You had spared all the hunger to heap on my budding
Maleness. I had had sex before, but it was there I lost
My virginity. We were aflame, silently crashing
Through the redolent dark. Intruders that we were
Kept incessantly whispering sweet nothings
And incantations of longing even as we lay spent
Until dawn chased us away

Afterwards, we exchanged puzzled glances
At school, you the senior feigning confidence
Me, the weird outsider momentarily washed in
By the tides of chance. Only a couple of months
Later we would go our separate ways. Estranged
By circumstance, inexperience, and distance
— But, oh boy, did we burn bright
While we lasted…

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