When Assault, Robbery and Destruction of Property are Perfectly Legal
Connor McCreesh

The next time there’s even a hint of something like what you described coming up, dial 112, ask for the police and, upon their showing up, demand a written complaint, both in the place’s “livro de reclamações” and at the precinct. Hit them where it hurts the most, in the joint’s reputation. Call TVs or take it the nearest tourist office, if need be. Be aware this kind of violence is by no means common in any part of Portugal, which is in fact one of the most peaceful countries in the world — except that the nightlife in our big cities is overrun by mobs of mixed race supremacists and petty lowlifes that gather at notorious gyms by day and are purposefully employed by such dives at night. Heated gang wars have erupted in the past between rival parties vying for territory and status. What’s worse is the authorities meekly appear unwilling or impotent to reign it all in…

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