Why F# Needs .NET Native Support

Man the comments on that vote are just incendiary. It is nothing short of embarrassing that a MSFT technology can be used on iOS and Android in a more available manner than a MSFT platform (UWP). I mean, the UWP group works for Microsoft, right? I seriously wonder about that group. It seems terribly managed, and feels like a lot of the “leaders” there do not get MSFT or the products they are supposed to serve/create. Extremely popular votes have been hanging to dry for over a year now without a response or any interaction with their voters. Really unacceptable and does not reflect well on that group, at all. Its blog is terribly managed and it’s obvious its authors do not care about the content they post, or the customers that try to engage them after they post it. There feels like a lot of dead weight there that is simply asleep at the wheel. UWP has terrible adoption and a huge part of that has to do with its design and vision. I think this latest vote — and the fact they are asking for “business cases” rather than using their common sense — serves as a clear signal that it is time to clear house over there and find some passionate technologists that truly care about (and understand) MSFT.