How Republicans Can Save the Party — And America — From Trump

It has become clear that Donald Trump is a dangerous lunatic. Clinically, Trump suffers from both narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy.

Trump needs therapy, not nuclear weapons.

Irresponsible Republicans are going along with supporting a Trump presidency, presumably over concern about filling certain vacancies on the Supreme Court over the next few years, others are jumping ship and urging Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

There are two problems with this approach.

First, it’s unlikely that Trump will win. But if he does win, he will be rabidly anti-Republican. In fact, Trump is not — and never was — a Republican. Trump has demonstrated a disdain for the military, the Constitution, free trade and America’s best allies (while praising — and being praised by — every tinpot dictator, from Russia to North Korea to Zimbabwe). What kind of Republican is that?

Trump is using the Republican party as one might use, say, use a public restroom. Narcissistic sociopaths don’t join in common cause with others. They use organizations for their own personal gain, then discard them when no longer needed.

Second, supporting Trump might put conservatives on the Supreme Court (more likely, Trump will appoint personal friends who will help him win future lawsuits), but in the process such support will destroy the Republican party itself by both dividing the party and utterly destroying the Republican brand. If the campaign doesn’t destroy the Republican party, a Trump presidency surely would.

The growing ranks of anti-Trump Republicans are starting to urge their fellow Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But there’s a better way.

Anti-Trump Republicans need to field their own Republican candidate to run against both Trump and Clinton.

Yes, this will divide the Republican vote and assure Trump’s defeat, but that’s one of the benefits.

The other benefit is that a sane, principled Republican can be on the campaign trail and in the debates arguing the Republican line, opposing Clinton and also repudiating Trump every step of the way.

This is how the Republican party and the nation — and the world — can be saved from the most dangerous candidate ever nominated to a major American political party.

But they’ve got to do it right away.

Republicans: Don’t support Trump or Clinton. Find and field an actual Republican. Divide the vote. Stop Trump.

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