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See, if I used a real name, liberals would attack my personage

Consequences for being a Nazi. Nothing I put on the internet can be used to attack me in a way that I care about. Doesn’t apply to you, so you hide behind a pseudonym. You’re a coward.

like you did with my music page.

Beg to differ. I felt like the music attacked me. It sounded like someone put Highway 61 through a garbage disposal while pissing on it to add extra lubrication. I’ve legitimately taken more melodic dumps.

Maybe I should use my real name. I haven’t thought about it.

Yes, you have. Going with a pseudonym is not organic happenstance. Nice try, though.

I stated my convictions. My thinking is based upon evolutionary science.

Then you don’t know what evolutionary science is. Your opinion has nothing to do with natural selection, it has to do with eugenics. Your opinion isn’t just Hitleresque, he straight up shared your opinion.

I expect you to wield public shame. To a Marxist, the only point of this interaction is as if we we’re part of the same troupe in the woods and our words are only meaningless stand ins for dominance displays. I hate arguing with Marxists.

Lot to unpack here. Firstly, I know you expect that, which is why you hide behind a pseudonym. We definitely covered this, coward.

I’m not a Marxist, but I also don’t even know what you’re talking about with that. You engaged/prompted the interaction. It also sounds like you’re finally actually describing evolutionary science. Hopefully natural selection leads to displays of dominance by non-Nazis until you psychos finally disappear (along with your awful music.)

“I hate arguing with Marxists.” Well, I hate arguing with Nazis. Why? Because it’s admitting that they not only exist, but are being allowed to breathe long enough to have a conversation. That should be unacceptable.

In God’s name, I argue truth.

Wait, wait. I thought I was the one who was the religious freak? I’m a hardline atheist. You’re apparently the god-fearing racist.

The convictions I say are my search for an honest framework for being.

For…being? What?

You haven’t refuted what I say, only tried to establish yourself as the authority, like any mass murdering Marxist, so you can decide what truth will be.

I mean, you didn’t refute what I said. Humans are humans. The mere concept of racial divide is wholly absurd. We all come from the same ancestors (who, by the way, were in Africa…). You want to talk about evolution? We’re all literally the exact same species, and breeding is the most base level showcase of a successful evolutionary process.

Refute what you said? All right, how about: what you said was really, really stupid, and no part of it was based on anything of any merit at any level.

I didn’t establish myself as the authority. That was decided during WWII when the Nazis lost.

Mass murdering? Jesus. What in the fuck are you even talking about?

The fuck outta here.

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