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Holy god, man, you couldn’t sound more like a Nazi. What you wrote is actually insane. You need serious help.

But you sure are happy to yell a lot

Yell…? I’m typing silently at my laptop. But yeah, I’m abrasive. You’re racist. The latter is infinitely worse.

You know, if your music ever really does take off at any level, your listeners will have to justify listening to a white nationalist. Then again, Ted Nugent seems to have fans, so what do I know?

You’ll stop talking soon

Still just typing silently at my laptop…

if it doesn’t seem like you’re sharpening your insult tools anymore.

I can go back and forth all day, dude.

Rather than finish this with an insult, I’m going to do you a favor instead and direct you to some likeminded people.

(In the section of the form that asks: “How did you find out about the Traditionalist American Knights?” don’t forget to put my name.)

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