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EDIT: I was told my language was too harsh in regards to this homophobe. Censored for him to feel better:

I meant your sources for these claims:

  • Tribes have eventually stopped taking over the land of other tribes in bloody conflicts that sometimes included the wholesale murder of every man, woman and child.
  • Tribes eventually stopped taking and making other people slaves as they did before and for a while after Europeans arrived.
  • The Pre-European Invasion USA was surely pristine but there was one ongoing problem with Climate and natural disasters — they almost always destroyed any people in the way. Forest fires, floods and droughts savaged and damaged the land, smoke polluted the air and dead bodies polluted the land. The European Occupiers such as yourself were able to bring advanced technology which eventually grew into sophisticated ways to rescue Aboriginals (and others) from such environmentally deadly disasters.
  • Less people are religiously sacrificed and cannibalism is almost unheard of nowadays post-European genocide.

Not even going to address your last point. It’s so unbelievably ironic.

And don’t just overly explain the above points, source your evidence of it. Link me the evidence.