I Will Always Use the Oxford Comma

The refusal to use the Oxford comma annoys me, and I will always use it no matter what.

Why? Because SOMETIMES it’s necessary for clarity. The most common example sited is this, best clarified in picture form:

Please ignore the refusal to capitalize. The point is still valid. Credit: Dossy.org

So, if it’s SOMETIMES necessary for clarity, and IF you are a writer who believes in even a small level of grammatical consistency, you should always use it. If it’s not always necessary, but it’s sometimes necessary (like the semicolon), just embrace it. Always use it.

You don’t want to look like the jackass who uses one grammatical rule in one piece, and uses a different one in a different piece. I’m all for poetic licensing, but be consistent about it.

Oh, and if you’re one of those writers who say: “Well, they’ll obviously understand what I meant,” I kind of hate you. They might not, so do it. Otherwise you’re a pouty, stubborn, and annoying bastard, even more so than I am.