I meant trolling them with macros, memes, gifs or what have you.

If not taking a response seriously to an organic blog post is trolling, how do you go more than five seconds on the internet without your head exploding? What’s not considered trolling? Worse, how are they not trolling and I am? I responded to ridiculousness with ridiculousness. I responded earnestly to earnest (or at least initially earnest) responses.

Your initial response was asinine because you preempted it with saying I shouldn’t bother responding, which is weak. Really weak. You made some potentially interesting points, but they’ll be relegated to questions without further analysis, because you presented your thoughts as questions while belittling my answers before I made them. If you had such a problem with the piece, felt it so decidedly shallow and hallow and not forward moving, it’s too bad that you didn’t write a counter article instead of crafting that dead-on-arrival response.

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