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I don’t understand. It’s not like you’re not a racist for being a multi-culturalist, you’re just racist against your own race.

Nope. Supporting all human beings’ right to love and happiness is not racist. We’re talking about the white woman in the photo’s agency just as much as the black man’s.

A white Uncle Tom, if that’s what that is. Who told you it’s good to be anti-what you are?

I’m pro equality. Lots of people have told me that’s a good thing. Most people think that’s a good thing, most white people even, even if they don’t know to what extent.

Calling anyone an “Uncle Tom” is racist, for the record, when it comes out of a white person’s mouth, and still offensive no matter who says it. Beyond that, it makes zero sense. I’m not at all pandering to minorities in America, I’m urging white people to understand the importance of equality.

Someone’s got the wool over your eyes.

Somehow no one has put a plastic bag over yours.

You don’t escape the game by being ignorant of it, your generation just loses. Set back 50 yrs. Caught Marxism. Culture wiped out. Raised a dog then died childless. Sold out neighbors for brownie points. Opened borders. Gave away government. Encouraged women to find better men elsewhere. Nothing matters. Go back 100 yrs.

Seek help.

I can’t say any of the listed tenants of the KKK seem degenerate. But it’s like Nazis, or Beatniks, or Free Masons: it’s a group written to a historical time and place. A useful movement’s got to be consistent with the truth of here and now.

And there it is, folks. He doesn’t see any immortality when it comes to the KKK.

Don’t know what you mean with the latter portion of the statement. The KKK is alive and well. So are the Free Masons. So are Nazis (you’re partial proof of that.) Beatniks…??? The fuck? That group does not belong in that list.

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