You invented indignation, as I certainly didn’t imply it.
Carl Sandburg

Oh, Jesus. You tagged it “Life, Poetry, Love.” I think my eyes might have just rolled all the way up and back around.

Why isn’t privilege irrelevant? Because it’s…not? It exists in every facet of American society, from religious freedom to personal safety to professional opportunity. What do you mean? And “shouldn’t all of us be committed to others?” Some of us don’t have the means to be, some of us do. Some of us believe that public service should do that job for us and we pay for it by paying taxes, but if you look how tax money is allocated, it’s largely up to the individual volunteer, protestor, and/or donator to make a difference at neglected levels.

“If you want to talk about violence, you have to talk about the economics.” Same goes for substantial equality at a base level.

“I am, I guess surprisingly, kind and caring and altruistic — — and conservative.”

You are kind and caring and altruistic strictly towards the people you can identify with and particularly in the context of your faith. That feels decidedly phony to me.

And you also can’t really be any of those things at a truly effective level if you vote conservative, as the GOP positions lean toward the antithesis of kindness, caring, and altruism when it comes to health care, immigration, education, the EPA, the military, mental health, welfare, criminal justice, the prison system, civil rights, and every other aspect of our government that either helps people or helps to destroy people.

Do you believe that people should be fired because they’re gay? Do you believe people should be stopped and frisked or pulled over and searched because they’re black? If you can say no to those two things, it shouldn’t be much of a jump for you to believe in increasing funding to programs and governmental sectors that encourage equality at a base level. If you answered yes to those things, I do not have the patience or fortitude to continue this discussion.