Universal Health Care Is the Obama Slight the GOP Could Still Pull Off

And it feels like it’d be a win-win for everyone.

Per capita…

Imagine, after all the pushback the GOP gave the Obama Administration on the ACA, the Trump Administration got every single American covered.

Rather than push for a repeal and replace, a skinny repeal, whatever the hell they’re cooking up in their cauldron of calamity, they change gears completely, push Democrats out of the discussion again, and just went for single payer. They’d give insurance companies some time to adjust, readjust the budget to account for the additional expenditures, and nailed down a way for Trump to keep a campaign promise.

They’re right, you know — the ACA is nowhere near perfect, it’s just better than the system before it and everything the GOP has proposed since. The only direction to go regarding health care is universal coverage (as the GOP has more than proved by this sideshow of a discourse they’ve shamelessly touted as “work.”) And if they do it and pull it off, they could consider it a victory the likes of which no other country (except for the vast majority of developed countries) has ever seen.

It would cover all the “victims” of Obamacare.

It would cover all of Trump’s voting base.

It would cover all the constituents of every GOP politician.

And it would all be thanks to the truly good people of the Republican Party, whose interests lie solely in the act of serving the American people, striving every day to provide the best quality of life to both those who voted for them and those who didn’t. It touches my heart just to think about it.

All right, realistically, we should push the Democratic Party to make universal health care their key promise come the 2018 elections. That seems like a much more viable course of action and we should all be on the phone right now to demand it.

But hey, Mitch McConnell, imagine it. Imagine that middle finger. Come on, bud, you know you hate that black man so much that you’re willing to give up that lobby money to prove it. Bonus: you’d become one of the people largely responsible for the inevitable you’re only delaying. I know the latter doesn’t matter to you, clearly, but who doesn’t love a bonus?

(I can dream, can’t I?)

The bright side of all this seems to be that the only real path forward is toward universal health care. But the dark side, cast by the Trump Administration, has been made very clear: they will do everything possible to ensure universal healthcare doesn’t happen before he’s out of office, and that they will continue to do as much as possible to ensure it’s more difficult to work out when it becomes a real possibility.

To those who rely on the ACA, the immediate future does look pretty bright. Because, with something as complicated as health care, the GOP can’t afford to stumble over each other…

And, oh, they’re a-stumbling. They’re a-stumbling real nice and good like.

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