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Well at least you know where this is coming from. An active link to donate to investigate Trump. Let see, Obama played golf a documented 306 times in his 8 years. HOLY SHIT!, that’s almost one entire year of golf, it looks like he had to take the weekends off because he was so tired from playing golf. The last vacation the Obama’s took on our dime was a 16-day trip to Hawaii last December. I guess he couldn’t wait 30 days to fund it himself. That trip alone was $35 million. It was documented that they took 48 vacations- averaging over $4 million per trip. I am sure, the 3 trips trump has taken totals more than those 306 rounds of golf and those 48 vacations. I do believe that this is fake news. Are you more worried that Trump will succeed? or that he will fail? Hard to tell.

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