What to Do If You HIT A SLUMP (3 Fixes)

Let’s face it these times show up, the ones where you feel like you can’t move forward one inch…

How do you fix it though?

1. You need to pay attention to yourself and really understand who you are.
Step back a bit and re-image, re-focus, and re-invigorate your power. Get with the people who most support you — your spouse, mentors, friends, and family. Let them know you need a jolt of newness to re-vamp your current state.

2. Re-visit your major wins and things you achieved over the years.
Find the moments in your past where you were a major winner that made you feel like a million bucks. Get that image strong in your mind and remember how powerful you were to get there. Talk about that with your friends. Look at past photos where you were succeeding. Believe and understand you’re talented and you’ve got what it takes. It’s always good to journal because the times when you get all “slumpy” you can revisit the moments you journaled about “winning” and you can use that as fuel.

3. Keep it simple and get back to the basics
Fundamentals will always win over anything else. Sometimes we get into a place where we get more educated and we think we might know a better way. We actually in some cases try to reinvent the wheel. This is where the slump can sometimes begin. Give yourself a micro-reality check. Are you doing the simple fundamental things that work, or are you trying to be fancy?

Sometimes you have to reset your body and brain by taking a break for a day. Organized your fundamental ways and then recapture the energy you need to start over in the direction that makes sense.

Trust me the sun will shine again. Just remember you can always fall back on the basics and stick to what works. Most the time it just comes down the mastering the mundane activities that work and you need to repeat them over and over again until the win comes.

Whenever you think you can’t the best bet is to revisit your wins!

Some of the best personal advice I can give you is this…

The days that the slumpy junk thinking hits you, when you get all mentally jammed up, restart yourself by focusing on one goal that you can finish in the next few days — something simple and get that done.

You’ll be set to go again!

Below leave a comment and let me know some of your personal secrets for getting out of a slump. It’s going to help anyone who reads this!

Talk soon,


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