Learning changes as you do

I’ve been listening to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I read through the book in my early college days so I was surprised when it felt like I was listening to the book for the first time. I remember many of the concepts from my first time through the book so why does it feel like it’s such fresh content that is so powerful? Thinking about many of the things that I am applying the concepts to, I realize that it feels so new because my life and my experiences are so different than they used to be. What’s changed? I’m out of school, married, have 2 kids, hold leadership positions, and more.

I’m impressed with how the same teachings, concepts, and principles can take on a whole new life with new experiences and challenges. This is part of the reason why it doesn’t hurt to study or read things you previously went through. This is party of the reason why we should never never give up on learning. Just when you think you’ve learned something, give it some time and your experiences will help teach you something new.

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