Acura MDX is Comfort, Class and Value

Many car buyers in Utah shop for vehicles that are roomier in order to accommodate a larger family size. Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds recently released reviews of the Acura MDX that illustrate how the vehicle is at the top of its game in regards to space, driving technology, comfort and long-term value.

Kelly Blue Book writes “With a powerful V6 engine, available all-wheel drive, agile handling and luxurious surroundings, the tough-to-beat 2016 Acura MDX dominates its luxury SUV competition.” With all these standard and add-on options, the Acura MDX is perfect for all seasons while driving in Utah.

Kelly Blue Book highlighted the Acura MDX for its unprecedented seat comfort for both driver and passengers. Several seat height adjustments are available for driver and passenger. Additionally, the Acura MDX features Acura’s Easy Entry, “a smart feature that automatically moves the driver seat back about an inch and a half [to allow] for easier access in and out of the vehicle.”

The Acura MDX also boasts extra legroom, elevated seats and reclining options for passengers. Access to the third row of seats has been simplified with the press of a button that moves the second row forward. For carry space, the third row easily folds down and features a convenient storage compartment.

The Acura MDX offers additional comfort with its noise-canceling technology. As Kelly Blue Book highlighted, Acura’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system silences engine vibrations, tire traction and other outside disturbances. Acura’s tires and windshield were designed specifically with noise control in mind.

Kelly Blue Book also showcases the use of LED headlights on the MDX that create better visibility in low light driving conditions as an added comfort and style feature. The LED lights make driving up icy Utah canyons at night or during snow storms much safer.

In addition to world class comfort and top of the line driving technology, Edumunds and Kelly Blue Book both note that the Acura MDX retains its value better than its competitors. The high resale value of the Acura MDX makes it a viable option for the Utah car buyer who may want to upgrade to a newer model in the years to come.

Edmunds rates the Acura MDX “as one of [their] top recommendations for a family-oriented luxury crossover SUV.” For consumers with large families or cargo needs, the Acura MDX mixes class, lifestyle and affordable luxury.

Nicole Donaldson is an automative writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Mike Hale Acura. Follow on Twitter.

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