Texas A&M University’s Brownsville Scholars Program

The CEO of D & M Leasing, a vehicle leasing firm serving both commercial and individual customers in Dallas, Texas, Mike Hernandez III has steered the company’s direction since taking partial ownership in 1990. Now approaching retirement, Mike Hernandez III has begun to focus more of his efforts on his philanthropic activities, which include a sizeable donation of over $1 million to support the Brownsville Scholars Program operated by Texas A&M University.

The initiative is intended to provide academic and social support to first generation students from his hometown of Brownsville, Texas, helping them make the transition from the city, which is predominantly known for its manufacturing industry, into the university.

The gift also allows those selected under the program to receive mentorship opportunities in addition to funding a number of activities to support their studies. It is offered annually to a group of ten students between 2016 and 2019 and includes funds for international study and internships in Cameron County. Further, the ten selected students will also receive spots in a residence hall at the university.

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