Insights Into Software Engineering

At a glance, software engineering seems like it couldn’t be further removed from my character, matter of fact most anybody who knows me would certainly be surprised to hear about this enigmatic interest of mine. Historically I am an outdoors man, through and through, occupying most of my days either playing in the outdoors or working in them. In all honesty, next to nothing can compare to a day spent scaling the mighty granite walls of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, surfing the crystalline waves off the Outer Banks, or an evening spent perched in your tent overlooking the high Sierra Nevada. Simply beautiful, but this is all outside, however what about the inevitable time spent indoors, the humdrum of the banal four walled “inside”. It was out of sheer necessity, a little insight from my father and a fistful of luck that this is where I cultivated my fascination with software engineering, out of nothing came…something.

Through software engineering I am able to find that same mystery, creativity and boundless potential that I see in the natural world right outside the window, both are puzzles to be solved. Working in software development is by definition a creative endeavor, instead of trekking off into the unknown of the wilds, you are setting off into the digital interface with nothing but your knowledge, skills and experience to guide you. Yet the similarities go even further, software engineering is a harmony of individual pursuits and joint efforts with team members, a fine balance that necessitates success. Analogies aside I find software engineering absolutely fascinating and the ability to construct something worthwhile, problem solve and work with a team of like minded educated individuals is an inherently rewarding pursuit, if any could be. I believe that working within the field as a software engineer would give you the opportunity and possibility to participate with organizations in a very fundamental and inspirational way. Software developers allow organizations to see to fruition their technical goals and assist them through most every hurdle along the way. Software engineering has illuminated a stimulating endeavor for me inside those “four walls”. I have no doubt that working with software engineering would precipitate and build my gratitude for all other aspects of my life, indoors and out.

I very much would like to attend Holberton School for numerous reasons. It appears to be an organization with a vision, mission and functionality that I can bond with on many levels. After a fair amount of reading into I find that the hands on, peer-centric learning techniques applied at Holberton School would be highly compatible and effective in my learning style. These same methods seem to be most efficient in developing a current and progressive skill set for the modern age. The lure of this school being located in San Francisco, some would say the apex of the current tech world, is appealing because of the sheer fact that students are surrounded by fellow peers and individuals within this field of study giving them boundless access to information and real life experiences. Lastly I cannot deny that the appeal of a tuition fee that relies solely on student placement after graduation is highly confidence inspiring trait of the Holberston School. Overall I strongly believe that Holberton School would be the ideal institute to start my career in software engineering with.

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