The Obama Administration.

I was fit to be tied when I found out the great amounts the Justice Dept. was fining banks even today 8 years after the government induced economic calamity with the mortgage crisis. I discovered the JD is required to give that money to charities only to find out a majority went to charitable organizations promoting liberal causes. Imagine if a bulk went to the Tea Party and you get the point.

Now I find out that even though congress is set up to deal w tax code the administration has decided to “reinterpret “ the rules on corporate inversion. That’s where companies merge w foreign corporations and end up keeping those profits overseas to continue investment there and at lower tax rates. This government has also made these interpretations retroactive screwing up a merger between Pfizer and allergan. What this does is out our American companies at a competitive disadvantage especially in R and D. Considering the US has been the cutting edge of innovation thruout history I don’t see how this helps us cure cancer. We are disadvantaged thanks to this rhetoric about companies being “greedy” just because they use the tax code as it is written. Just as you and I do. We don’t pay more if it doesn’t require us to. None of us. Even those liberals in the top 1% bitching about the conservative rich (1%)paying more than the 40% already paid. If they lowered the rate to a competitive level government would see more revenue and we would see more innovation. But no. We just hear rhetoric about evil greed and fair share in order for these collectivists to temporarily raise more money and for social scientists knowing nothing about business can orchestrate an economy that never works. Ever. And by the way it is these very collectivists and intellectuals who are the chosen few to manipulate all this and receive quite a few perks in the process. Not a bad set up. For them. And don’t be surprised about retroactive taxing. I’ve seen it happen twice to us on our income when both Bill and Baracka raised our taxes in the 3rd quarter of the year but made us responsible for it from January 1. How the hell can corporations plan if they get blindsided like that. Or us as individuals for that matter. But if you don’t comply they will confiscate your property. If you defend what you own they will send in a SWAT team. If you don’t give it up you end up dead. No one recently tried that but I can see why. And if you are a Democrat you vote for the guys who implement retroactive taxes.