Bernie’s Ego and his Cult of Personality

It has been many years since I read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. So many that most Millenials were not born when I last read it. Doesn’t “All animals are equal” “Some animals are more equal than others” sound like Senator Sanders and his “Politicians are corrupt” and “I am not corrupt even though I am a politician”?

I used to listed to Thom Hartmann when I lived in Chicago and looked forward to Sen. Sanders visits on Fridays. While #ImWithHer, I did #FeelTheBern when Sen. Sanders first started his campaign. He brought fresh ideas to the national political landscape to some for the first time. One I have been in favor of for a long time is raising the cap on the Social Security tax for the rich. I also don’t think the “super rich” should even get a social security check once they are old enough. Sen Sanders also said he would run an issue oriented campaign. That has changed in recent weeks.

This brings me back to Animal Farm. Like Napoleon, Bernie talks as it is “his way only”. If we don’t agree with his every position or question his policies, ads, surrogates and speeches we are against HIS revolution. A revolution that has accomplished very little in over 20 years in Congress. If you disagree with Napoleon, I mean Bernie, you can’t represent the people because you are the enemy.

The excerpt from the following blog says it much better.

Until recently he called himself an Independent which evolved into Socialist Democrat. He claims to be of and for the people and anti-establishment. Senator Sanders as a former mayor of Burlington, Congressman and now Senator from Vermont, you ARE the establishment.

Senator Sanders recent criticism of the Hillary Clinton Victory Campaign and the DNC is such a farce. He signed the same pledge to have joint fundraising with the DNC . He just hasn’t acted on it. If Bernie were to become the nominee of the Democratic Party, would he not accept the party’s help in the fall campaign or would he rely on his $27 average contribution? I have not heard him say he won’t turn down any help from the DNC would be able to provide thanks to Hillary’s fundraising efforts. Nor did Sen. Sanders turn down money Hillary donated to his Senate campaign.

If Sen Sanders is as anti corporate money in politics, why hasn’t he returned money from the National Mining Association or those workers who are employed by the oil & gas industry, banking, etc.

As a voice for the workers, Bernie came out to show his support of Verizon workers (as did Hillary) and mentioned how Hillary got paid for a speech at Verizon. He failed to mention in February 2016 alone his campaign paid Verizon close to $70k for services. His trip to Rome was on a Delta charter. Delta has a very anti-union history. American Crystal Sugar was one of the top donors to Bernie’s 2012 Senate reelection campaign. They engage in union busting lockouts. If it was not for unions, we may not have many workplace rights and privileges we take for granted. Why does Bernie support and use the services of companies who do not treat their employees fairly?

Let’s take a look at Bernie’s top campaign spokespeople. Tad Devine worked for former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine. His law firm represented Verizon and MONSANTO. How can Tad be trusted with his past ties to Wall St.

Jeff Weaver has said Hillary signed a pact with the devil. Bernie, Jeff & Tad say the contributions Hillary has received from Wall St means she can’t be trusted and is corrupt. Napoleon said other animals can’t be trusted that did not follow him in Animal Farm if my memory serves me correctly. On the April 15th broadcast of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Tad said Hillary was not corrupt. Just two days later, that is exactly what the Sanders campaign said.

From what I have been hearing lately from Sanders & Friends is “Bernie is the only politician above private fundraisers”. Funny though he often showed up and helped sponsor fundraisers in Florida for the DSCC & the DNC itself even though he’s only been a member of the party for about a year now.

I started this as a comparison between Sanders campaign and “Animal Farm”. It has turned into strictly critique of the Sanders campaign and very few reasons, if any, why I support Hillary. Well I ramble. I’ll continue to edit until I’m 100% satisfied, one of the candidates reaches the magic number or CA votes in June. That will give me time to figure out how to add links and put my sources in. One thing I have learned during the primary season is Bernie’s younger followers want the info right in front of them instead of researching for themselves to find the facts.

One final note aka rant: If he thinks Hillary Clinton has gone negative, he has no idea what a negative campaign is like. Just ask Hillary. She has been under national scrutiny since 1992 with negative ads & lies . If there was her version of Mitt Romney’s 47% comment at one of her paid speeches as a private citizen, don’t you think they would have surfaced by now. Why doesn’t Bernie mention he cannot make paid speeches or receive honorariums as a member of Congress?

In the mean time…#ImWithHer #ShesWithUs #MostQualified #GOTVforHillary #EveryVoteCounts #ITrustHillary #FightingForUs #RealDemocrat #VoteHillary #Bros4Hillary #GiveEmHill #HillYes #GirlsJustWannaHaveTheOvalOffice #FightingForUs #ReadyOnDayOne #TestedAndVetted #VettedNationallySince92 #BernedOut #VettingBernie #FactsAreNotAttacks

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