1. Be a Democrat to Vote in Democratic Party Primaries

People are complaining about not being able to vote in closed primaries that are not registered Democrats. To that I say, too bad. The primary is for party members to select who OUR party’s nominee will be for the General Election, not Independents who are not members of our party. Bernie Sanders became a Democrat in order to run for the Democratic Party’s nomination. If he changed his party affiliation from Independent to Democrat, so should his supporters. His campaign should have done more to educate Independents about state election rules. As a registered Democrat since I turned 18, I feel only Democrats should be able to vote for OUR party’s nominee. I’ll simplify it, you can’t fly United if you bought a ticket on Southwest. Same goes in my opinion for primary voting. If you want to chose the nominee for a party, you should be a member of that party. New Yorkers knew who was running on the Democratic side before the October 9th deadline. Is 6 months excessive, yes however this is a state not a DNC rule. Hard core supporters would have known by October anyways who they were supporting.

Both Bernie & Hillary had been campaigning across the country. I know not all Millennials are this way, but if you want to participate, you need to do some work yourself and find out the rules. It’s your responsibility to learn the rules of the game if you want to be involved.

There are reasons for closed primaries. It prevents people from the other party from potentially crossing over and voting for a less desirable candidate. That’s more likely to happen during the midterms when voter turnout is low and would have more effect on Congressional & state races IMHO. More importantly, it is the Democratic Party primaries to select the Democratic Party’s nominee. Party members should decide who OUR party’s nominee is.

If Bernie and his supporters want to know what real voter supression is like, visit Mississippi or Alabama which have made it difficult to get the proper photo ID where locations are not available state in counties that are primarily African-American. 12 states do not let former felons (even non violent ones) get their voting rights restored after completing their jail time. Just because Bernie supporters didn’t change party identification in time is not supression. His campaign posted on his website about the NY deadline. Why didn’t he spend more money last Sep to get the word out in the media — tv, radio, social, print. That would have been a better return on his investment than the $1M+ he spent in WY for a tie in a state that won’t vote for a Democrat let alone a Democratic Socialist or the $2M+ in IN this week.

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