Unique Attractions in Wisconsin

Mike Loftus serves as the president of MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions. Also the founder of the company, Mike Loftus is responsible for financing and overseeing all operations at MLE. Outside of work, Mr. Loftus enjoys traveling around the world, but his favorite trip is driving to Wisconsin with his family.

Wisconsin may not be a top vacation spot for most, but the state is home to a variety of unique attractions, including:

- Boynton Chapel. Built in Baileys Harbor in 1947, Boynton Chapel was modeled after a Lillehammer, Norway, church and features 12th-century, Norwegian-style architecture, complete with ornate wood carvings and interior frescos.

- House on the Rock. Built by Alex Jordan in the 1940s, the House on the Rock is a 14-room home in Spring Green that features a huge collection of items, from carousel animals to mannequin angels. Touring the house is a unique experience that carries guests through the imagination of its builder.

- Parfrey’s Glen. A deep ravine that takes visitors along a cool, damp trail, Parfrey’s Glen is in Devil’s Lake State Park. Guests can see a wide range of geological periods in the glen’s cut-sandstone walls while enjoying the atmospheric trail.

- Apostle Island Sea Caves. Dotting Lake Superior, the 22 small Apostle Islands are sometimes accessible on foot in winter, but visitors can reach the islands and their caves by boat during the summer months.

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