Lower the Bar

Want that feeling of success? Just lower the bar.

Maybe you want to accomplish something big. Maybe something truly inspiring and great. The bottom line is you’ll never get there. You simply do not have the goods.

“But Mike,” you say, “my mommy and daddy used to say I could be anything I wanted to be if I work hard.” Rubbish.

All that stuff you wanted to accomplish? It’s just not going to happen. So may as well stop wasting all that energy towards goals that are simply out of your reach. Lower the bar and focus on actual achievements that you can do.

I know it sounds harsh but this is the real world and it’s time you put your grown up pants on. Don’t feel bad! Mediocrity works for thousands if not millions of people every day on this planet! Entire careers have been built by “adequate.” Entire companies and certainly government organizations run each and every day on the premise of “just barely good enough.” So why not you? If accomplishment is that little high you are wired to look for, then seek and you shall find, as long as you keep the delusion alive with your little accomplishments.

  • This is some (albeit weak) satire if you haven’t noticed.
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