I’m sorry, but people like you are the absolute worst.

I don’t often respond to stuff like this but it seems like you are as upset as I am so … yeah man I hear ya. Good thing you do have a profile or anyway to link you personally to this comment because it’s pretty intense. How to begin? I’m not going to defend my family connection to this city or go through the extended process or describing how the city of Boston is a collection or burrows and neighborhoods. How about how the development greed that started in Boston city proper is now spreading outward and effecting us all. I know about Roxbury, Dorchester, and Mattapan. I have been making social documentaries on all these neighborhoods. Matter of fact I am sitting in the edit studio today putting the finishing touches on a piece on street workers that we shot for 3 years. I was fortunate enough to meet and spend time with some amazing people all over the city. Kids who may come from difference walks of life, but we all love that same things, eat the same food, log into facebook. Did you know that because the city cut funding they stopped a program that got gang members off the street and into a local recording studio to make music? Using art as a way out. Also I did a film on the Madison Park Basketball team and followed the hopeful dreams of kids to the state finals. I believe that there are a lot of stories to be told in this city, people who need to speak up before the corporate investors wash over this city. Yes I defend artists because I know that life well. I’m too old to be a hipster, haha…. I’m part of the smallest generation — Generation X — The cynical ones.

I’ve witnesses the closing of many local businesses because the rent is too high. Talked with my local barber who had to move out of the neighborhood his shop is in because of rent prices. He now has to drive 1 1/2 hours into the city for work. It’s insane. Maybe I shouldn’t have wrote about how I grew up, seems like an easy thing to attach yourself too when getting upset about this article. It’s good that you are so mad, means that there is really something happening in our city and I’m not just some crazy guy posting about it. With my name plastered all over the article. My opinions directly linked to myself…

Here is the difference between the internet and real life. If we met in the street we would probably get along. Might even get a beer together. Probably still would.