Hey you!

Functional types

Work each day

‘Only’ pissed up at night

Weekends too

You’re out of your senses

Without a care

Without consequences

Just look at you!

With your superpower

Ain’t life just grand

In your ivory tower!

Oblivious, self righteous

But you just can’t tell

Each morning at work

Your colleagues can smell

The alcohol you drink

When the work day is over

Self delusion, denial

The mask you have woven

Easier to look down

In another direction

With the contempt you should throw

At your own reflection

You’re an emotional coward

All feelings repressed

Instead of introspection

It’s me you detest

Once more, fuck you

You fucking hypocrite

It’s your own fucking problem

You fucking deal with it

The saying does go

You know the friends true

When you’re on your arse

And they stick right with you

Another nugget

Of knowledge profound

You know who never were

Cos they’re no longer around

At risk of repeating

I say Fuck you

You hurt me as much

As I have hurt you

But past is past

And in order to live

To find my own peace

I must also forgive

But you will never again

Be in my life, I’m certain

It’s your loss, pal

Cos I’m actually a good person.

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