Why we launched Monitority

Monitority is a FREE simple website monitoring service, that lets you monitor an unlimited number of sites and get alerts via Email, Text (SMS) or Twitter, whenever we detect one of your sites is down.

We get a lot of questions asking us why did we decide to launch Monitority, when there are so many existing website monitoring tools out there.

It all started one Friday afternoon, last December. I remember it was raining heavily and snow was about to hit soon.

Winter was finally here.

Leaning back on my chair, feet up in the air, I was going over the bills for one of my online businesses. Had to figure out a way to get costs down.

Then I saw it. I think I turned all white.

Nearly fell off my chair when I came across this invoice.

We were paying Pingdom, a popular website monitoring tool, $767.40 to notify us if the website goes down.

Sure — getting notified as soon as our site goes down is important. But no way were we going to pay so much for such a basic necessity. Heck, this was almost what it cost to host the entire site, along with database, daily backups and what not.

There had to be another way.

Searching for alternatives

The very next day I canceled our Pingdom account and began looking for alternative solutions.

There were so many to choose from. I must have signed up and tested half a dozen different services that day. I wasn’t happy.

Most services were either too expensive, like PagerDuty ($39), too complicated for our needs, like NewRelic or flat out didn’t work.

All of them, including Pingdom, offered a free tier, but the free tier came with too many limitations: Minimum 5 minute intervals, no text notifications, no support for SSL and a limit on the number of urls you can monitor.

I spent a few more hours looking around, but failed to find a single service that offered what I was looking for — super simple up/down monitor, with 1 minute intervals and text notifications.

In a day and age where email is practically free (Amazon SES free tier), sms is dirt cheap (hello nexmo.com) and any basic shared server can easily monitor thousands of urls, I saw no justification for the ridiculous fees some outfits were charging.

Change was imminent. And so me and my partner, Daniel Scalosub, decided to pick up the glove. Monitority was born that day, with an ambitious goal: “To disrupt the website monitoring industry, offering free unlimited monitoring service, with free email/text/twitter alerts”.

The first MVP was ready a couple of days later and we were off to the races. Monitority was going to be forever free, providing a basic website monitoring service to users, without ever charging for it. We had access to servers and infrastructure from our other businesses, making Monitority operating cost negligible.

Will be sure to keep you posted on our progress.

Monitority URL Dashboard

* Monitority finishes #2 on Product Hunt

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