Many of my male friends are of two minds. On one hand, they want me to think men who hate women are rare and that I should give most guys the benefit of the doubt. Then, on the other hand, they remind me every day that, actually, men like this are legion.
Donald Trump is Rare; Billy Bush is Legion
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

This is so true. Men largely leave women to discover the truth of other men for themselves, by way of Donald or Billy; or rationalized dismissal; or apathy; or fear.

I’m reminded of a sketch by a certain male comic: the absurdity of the risk of a woman getting into her date’s car; the statistical likelihood of her demise by getting into that car…

…that same comic has subsequently been accused of sexual misconduct. Apparently his behavior is an “open secret” among comics.


I don’t even know anymore. We live an absurdity.

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