Academic Publishing is a Goddamned Exploitative Farce
E Price

Thanks for this. I hope you get the recognition and compensation you deserve.

My dream is to teach college-level creative writing. Everyone I’ve told this to has given me a funny look, explained how difficult academia is because of the publish or perish paradigm, then told me that I’ll never make enough money to survive. Essentially, I’ve been told that I should give up and do something else, like work as a copywriter at a business. It has been very discouraging, but I’m not going to give up. I can’t. I want it too badly. I love creative writing; I know I can teach, I just need to jump through the necessary hoops so someone will give me a chance. I’ll get the degrees and write up my CV. Money or no money, I’ll die if I’m stuck in a cubicle at some company.

My writing is good, damnit! Someone out there will appreciate it! : )