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We Make Life Harder Than It Needs to Be By Picking Games We Can’t Win — There is Another Way

I recently read an article by Darius Foroux ( where he refers to a comedic argument made by Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Seinfeld’s premise is that it is pointless to continue to play a game knowing you will never win. Foroux argues that…

Outage Map for Disney+ on Launch Day

The scarcity model has long been a part of the Disney marketing arsenal

I have been participating in a number of discussions on LinkedIn about the strategies of the various streaming companies in the so-called “streaming wars.” With the launch of Disney+ today, many of the discussions have focused on the long-term strategy for a company like Disney. Why would a company that…

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Applying a long-term view to social media and business

Gary Vaynerchuk, the popular social media and entrepreneurship guru, has repeatedly voiced his dream to purchase the NY Jets. After vaulting his father’s wine store from $3million to $60million, Vaynerchuk launched VaynerMedia, taking on the Jets as an early client. Affectionately referred to as Gary V, he is a popular…

How playing The Infinite Game could change the way we make decisions and lead organizations

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The central ideas of The Infinite Game

In 1986, James P. Carse wrote Finite and Infinite Games. In that book, Carse argues that there are two types of games: as you would expect, finite games and infinite games. Finite games are those with clear rules, and winners and losers. In…

Mike Webster

PhD Candidate in English Literature (Digital Media and Film). Interests: Games, Entrepreneurship (esp. campus entrepreneurship), Marketing,, and Literature.

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