Pitching Cold Leads

If you are in a sales business and you have to go after cold leads, which are people you have never contacted before, this is what I think works best.

One, you have to have something to offer them. The reason you are calling them has to be outside of just the sales pitch. You have to have something that not everybody else is doing. If somebody owns a house, people are calling them everyday if they are looking to sell. People aren’t calling them, asking them, if they are looking to buy. You have to be the one that’s different.

Two, be prepared for them not to have time for you or them not to be on their time. Respect their time and if they need you to call back later, call back. Most importantly understand that time is our most important asset.

Lastly, communicate the way in which they prefer to communicate. This is often easily achieved by asking the simple question “What method would you prefer I contact you.” Whatever way they tell you, listen.