10:05am — Let’s begin. We’ve got 70 things to talk about.


Photo by Andres Urena

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor

1. Know your target market and customer.

  • No one should know more about your customer and market than you. Go where they go, eat what they eat and watch what they watch.

2. Empower and unblock your team.

  • Freeing up the time to allow your team to do what they do best is a great way to earn respect from the team and fellow product managers. Become the first line of defence!

3. Manage by questions, not by commands.

  • Ask people for their input on problems that they have, let them come up with the best ideas on how to execute it. You are just providing thinking points as they move forward.

4. Be clear and precise.

  • Speak in the language of the person that…

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Mike Shoss, CSM SPM

4x Founder, most recently ShossX, a Startup Mentorship & Investment firm. Lover of Voice, IoT and Green Energy.

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