Repetition makes reputation

Reputation is based on truth, and so in today’s world there’s nowhere to hide, instead of hiring a PR person, like in the 90s, and getting the right articles I think it’s just delivering repetition it for your employees, repetition for your clients and fundamentally give without any expectation.

You know, go give a keynote at a college with no expectation of getting anything in return, answer those 1–50 emails of people reaching out to you that have “nothing” to offer you and just give because they actually may have a ton to offer you. What I love is that reputation is becoming a more transparent game and so the only way to build the reputation is to do the right things, over-deliver for the ones that have something or the ones that don’t have something.

Way too many entrepreneurs are way to calculated it about what’s in it for me if you can reverse that and think about what’s in it for them you’ll find out that a lot of things are in it for you!

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