Proud Insights on my Daughter’s 13th Birthday

Michael Simpson
Feb 5, 2018 · 2 min read

When Kaylee was in 4th grade, each student had an assignment. They were to write about someone that they admired. Most of the kids wrote about sports stars or historical figures. One of the students wrote about Kaylee. I was able to read this story at back to school night with the rest of the parents. As I read the story of what this little girl had written about Kaylee, I started to tear up with joy. I was amazed and proud of what was written about her.

In the story, 5 girls were playing during recess. Two of the girls got into an argument and started calling each other bad names. Kaylee got in the middle of the argument, and instead of taking sides, helped to break up the argument. Both of the girls were crying and upset at the other person. Kaylee took each of them aside, and filled them with encouragement. She told each of them how great they were. She was able to bring them back together, have them talk, and bring peace to their group of friends.

That was one of my proudest moment of her. I still feel that way about her today.

Kaylee has always been good at making friends. When she was little, we would go to a park, and she would act shy at first, then approach kids and ask them if they wanted to play. Then she would ask what they would like to play, almost always being considerate. She has always had this consideration for others that makes her a great friend.

So, after 13 years, what I am most proud of is who she has become. She has become someone with such great character. She has always been herself. I love that about her.

You would think that after 13 years of being a parent to the same child I would have perfected it by now. It’s not that simple, and I have learned a lot from Kaylee. We have connected in so many ways. Days of pushing her on the swing have changed to dressing up in cosplay.

Her friends think she is a compassionate, kind, and a bold person. This one of the greatest feelings I can have as a parent. I am proud of who she is, and I am excited to see her life develop.

Happy Birthday Kaylee



Michael Simpson

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I never imagined I would spill my guts, but I am glad I am. A realtor who is interested in sociology, economics, woodworking, and podcasting.

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