Become more confident and decisive — and stop putting things off — using the Eisenhower Matrix

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Procrastination is a killer.

It kills projects. It kills opportunities. It can even kill an entire company. It kills slowly and quietly — by sapping your time, energy, and money. It also saps the self-confidence and effectiveness of individuals who could be doing great things.

But it is possible to defeat procrastination. You just have to adopt one simple habit: decisiveness. You have to consistently make decisions and stick with them with a high level of commitment.

How do you do this? It helps first to have an understanding of what procrastination really is. Once you have that understanding, you can adopt a framework for preventing it. The framework helps you make decisions with confidence. …

Each of us engages in these negative habits every day, but it’s possible to overcome them

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Do you talk to yourself? Before you answer that, allow me to answer it for you. Yes, you do. You just don’t realize just how often you do it.

It’s not actual talking out loud to yourself. Rather, it’s an internal monologue — sometimes to yourself, other times about yourself. Sometimes it’s encouraging and helpful, but much more often, it’s not. The unhelpful internal monologue is called negative self-talk.

Negative self-talk plagues us all at times. …

The fine art of stumbling and fumbling your way into greatness

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I was raised — as I suspect many of us were — to believe in the idea of the straight and narrow. Go to school every day, do your homework, go to college, follow the rules, play it safe, work hard, and eventually success will come.

It didn’t quite work that way for me. In fact, if it works that way for anyone, it would be the exception, rather than the rule.

The rule is that the straight and narrow is usually neither straight nor narrow. …


Mike Sturm

Author of “The Wabi-Sabi Way” and “Be, Think, Do”. Subscribe to my newsletter “Woolgathering”: https://goo.gl/UhzUYL.

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