5 Reasons Why You Need to Be on Snapchat in 2016

Years ago in order to get someones attention you had to do something that was so far out there that the newspapers wanted to write an article about you.

Then came along television and the market shifted. Here you had the ability to reach even more people. However, to make it onto the tv screen you either had to be on a show, movie, or in the news. Which didn’t give much opportunity to the normal every day person to get others attention.

Then the market shifted again and YouTube was introduced. This was one of the first chances for the everyday person to really show there life and not have to “climb to the top” in order for people to notice them. If you jumped in at the beginning of this platform you had a pretty good shot of becoming someone of importance.

Recently the market shifted yet again, with the dawn of Snapchat. By now I’m sure you have used this platform so I’m not going to go into details about how to use it.

But here’s why this platform is going to be super important for you in 2016.

  1. Right now the markets attention is shifting to this platform.

When was the last time that you actually sat down and watched a full tv show without looking at your phone? And don’t lie to me because you totally know you have your phone pretty much attached to you all the time.

2. It’s the new medium for telling stories

Let’s take DJ Khalid (A famous song writer, for people that don’t know him) for example. In the past if he wanted to share his life with his audience he would have to sign a contract with a tv network like MTV. Then they would have to sit down record everything, cut out the things that didn’t look cool, and then air the show months after it happened. Now DJ Khalid can pick up his phone and snapchat his entire life and show it to anyone in the world that cares to see it.

3. It’s real.

There isn’t any editing or uploading of videos (other than some filters and text). It’s all done from your phone. It puts everyone on the same playing field and gives everyone the same opportunity to showcase their life.

4. Marketers haven’t ruined it yet.

Currently marketers haven’t ruined Snapchat yet. Why? Because the market is just about to blow up on it. Unfortunately if you don’t jump on now you won’t get as much attention, because marketers will start running them away.

5. It’s personal and you have their attention

This is possibly the most important feature of Snapchat. For up to 10 seconds you can have a viewers full attention. They are focusing on you and nothing else. You can build a personal relationship and you have their full attention. Tell me where else, right now, where people don’t give a crap about anything else but want to give their full attention to you. Which makes it very valuable to people looking to build an audience!

You need to be one this platform this year, and be going hard on it! Period.

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